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NEA launches Exploring Our Town!

September 23, 2014

Screenshot 2014-09-23 11.17.53

The NEA has officially launched Exploring Our Town! We excited to share this work over the past two years with practitioners, policy-makers, and the public!

As described in the press release, “Exploring Our Town responds to requests from the arts community for ready access to an easy-to-search resource on best practices in community development and creative placemaking. The resource is divided into two sections, Project Showcase and Project Insights. Project Showcase features case studies of more than 60 Our Town projects organized by project setting,  project type, and by state. The Project Insights section, divided by Project Process, Project Setting, and Project Type, includes lessons learned, relevant case studies, and additional resources.”

“The NEA applauds the work of the project team which includes direction under GO collaborative, design by Hyperakt, website development by Entermedia, writing by John Gendall, and project research by GO collaborative and Alex Appelbaum.”