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Quite a Year!

August 14, 2016



It’s been awhile since our last post, so news is certainly due!  The past year has been an incredible year of expanding our practice and finding wonderful new project partners and collaborators.  We were most proud to have brought to completion our ArtPlace America project Drawing Lines which brought together 15 artists to work individually and in teams in Austin’s 10 new districts.  The project explored place, our multiple identities, and the role that the arts can play in the context of historical change. After creating projects in each of the 10 districts, the project culminated in a final show in the historic McKean-Eilers building on Congress Avenue in downtown Austin.  Over a 1000 people came to see the artists’ work and it was an amazing experience to stand in one space and take in so many of the faces, voices, and stories that make up our city.

The other project we’ve been hard at work at is our collaboration with Legge Lewis Legge for the Tuscany Light Rail Transit Station public art project in Calgary.  It’s Canada’s largest Community Cultural Development project.  Currently we’re in the process of designing “Gennie” a mobile unit that will allow us to explore the three neighborhoods around the Tuscany Station, and work with local artists to create memorable excursions with residents into territories both known and unknown.

More good things are in the works so stay tuned :o)