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GOco selected for Art on the Atlanta Beltline!

June 9, 2014

Art on the Atlanta Beltline website

GOco has been selected to create a temporary public art piece for the upcoming 2014 Art on the Atlanta Beltline!

As described on the program website, “Art on the Atlanta BeltLine is the City of Atlanta’s largest temporary public art exhibition and a testament to the Atlanta BeltLine as a living, breathing entity that is more than just trees, trails, and rails. Showcasing the work of hundreds of visual artists, performers, and musicians along nine miles of the Atlanta BeltLine corridor, the exhibition is a powerful conduit for everyone in the Atlanta region to gather, connect, and experience something vibrant and dynamic.”

The 2014 exhibition will feature over 60 installations and 30 performances. GOco is honored to be part of this transformative infrastructure and placemaking project!


Arts and Cultural Plan for Grand Rapids, Minnesota

April 17, 2014


GO collaborative and partners Metris Arts Consulting and Markusen Economic Research will develop a ten-year, strategic arts and cultural plan for the City of Grand Rapids, MN. In collaboration with local stakeholders, the team will shape a strategic vision to guide municipal policy and resource allocation for arts and culture.


NEA Announces E-Storybook!

July 17, 2013

Along with the 2013 Our Town grant recipients, the National Endowment for the Arts announced the Electronic Storybook project! GO collaborative, as prime firm / project manager and lead researcher, is leading an amazing consultant team to create the online resource for Creative Placemaking professionals, policy makers, and the public-at-large!

Creative Placemaking (CP) has been a growing field for the last twenty years and a programmatic focus for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) since 2009. Having identified the need for an accessible  and comprehensive resource for CP practitioners, policymakers, and the public-at-large, the NEA sought to develop a practical guide and source of case study information in an online format. This interactive resource will serve as both a catalog of projects supported by NEA funding and a toolkit for planning and implementing CP projects in communities. The project will launch in Spring 2014!

GO collaborative has partnered with Hyperakt for Graphic / Web Design and Branding, and Entermedia for technology integration.

Read the NEA’s press release describing the project (scroll to the bottom).