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Quite a Year!

August 14, 2016



It’s been awhile since our last post, so news is certainly due!  The past year has been an incredible year of expanding our practice and finding wonderful new project partners and collaborators.  We were most proud to have brought to completion our ArtPlace America project Drawing Lines which brought together 15 artists to work individually and in teams in Austin’s 10 new districts.  The project explored place, our multiple identities, and the role that the arts can play in the context of historical change. After creating projects in each of the 10 districts, the project culminated in a final show in the historic McKean-Eilers building on Congress Avenue in downtown Austin.  Over a 1000 people came to see the artists’ work and it was an amazing experience to stand in one space and take in so many of the faces, voices, and stories that make up our city.

The other project we’ve been hard at work at is our collaboration with Legge Lewis Legge for the Tuscany Light Rail Transit Station public art project in Calgary.  It’s Canada’s largest Community Cultural Development project.  Currently we’re in the process of designing “Gennie” a mobile unit that will allow us to explore the three neighborhoods around the Tuscany Station, and work with local artists to create memorable excursions with residents into territories both known and unknown.

More good things are in the works so stay tuned :o)

A Successful Summer With Our MindPOP Fellows!

August 28, 2015

MINDPOP Final sharing whole group

GO collaborative was thrilled to work with two wonderful mindPOP Fellows this summer.  We were impressed with all their hard work!
The mindPOP Fellowship for Creative Leadership is an opportunity for ten AISD high school rising seniors to explore careers in the arts and creative industries.(

Drawing Lines launches!

March 24, 2015

DL artists and mayor

Drawings Lines artists were selected and announced today at Austin City Hall! To publicly launch the project, the Mayor and City Council members joined the 10 artists / artist teams and the Drawing Lines project team in a celebration and press conference on the Mayor’s balcony.

A new Drawing Lines website was also released, creating an online home for the project. Visit the site to learn more about the artists and track their project progress!

Drawing Lines explores the citizen-driven, yet prescribed boundaries of the ten newly drawn districts. The project embeds artists in each of the districts to co-create a place-specific public project with the residents. Ultimately, the ten projects will come together in one citywide exhibition reflecting on the new 10-1 political structure and the cultural dynamics of each of the districts and thus the city itself. In this way, Drawing Lines will parallel the political process where newly elected council members will work with their new districts, while at the same time working together as a council to make decisions about Austin as a whole.

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Lecture at UT Austin on Exploring Our Town!

March 18, 2015

Join us on Monday, March 23rd at the University of Texas School of Architecture to hear about the NEA’s new online resource, Exploring Our Town. Both Lynn Osgood and Sarah Gamble will share their experiences about the creation of the site, including both research and design, and the growing field of Creative Placemaking.

Goldsmith Talks poster small

City of Grand Rapids, MN Cultural Master Plan is complete!

February 18, 2015

Grand Rapids is home to a rich and vibrant arts community. In an effort to ensure its continued growth and success, the City’s newly formed Arts and Culture Commission embarked on a ten-year strategic planning. GO collaborative, along with its strategic partners Metris Arts Consulting and Markusen Economic Research, worked with the Grand Rapids community and city officials to create an overall strategic vision for arts and culture in the city.

On February 16, Lynn Osgood of GO collaborative and Anne Gadwa Nicodemus of Metris Arts Consulting presented the completed plan to City Council and Grand Rapids stakeholders. This plan will help to guide the city’s future policy efforts as it seeks to employ the arts to help grow it’s economy, enhance it’s physical environment, and support community development efforts.


Drawing Lines Project Holds Artist Information Sessions

October 21, 2014

The new Drawing Lines project being funded by ArtPlace has opened their call for nominations and is holding 2 artist information sessions for interested artists or artist teams.  The Drawing Lines project will explore Austin’s new citizen-driven, boundaries of place, and embeds artists in each of the ten newly drawn districts to co-create a place-specific public project with the residents of the district.

10 artists (or artist teams) will be selected for Drawings Lines over October / November 2014. The DL Project Team is currently accepting  nominations from arts organizations and the public through an online submission form until Tuesday, November 4th. A Project Advisory Team, composed of local community leaders and arts professionals, will guide the DL Project Team in selecting and placing artists within the districts. The selected artists (or artist teams) will be notified by the 3rd week in November.

Artist Nomination Form

Meetings for Interested Artists
Tuesday, October 21st, 4 – 5pm
Pleasant Hill Branch Library
211 E. William Cannon Drive
Austin, TX 78745

Saturday, November 1st, 1 – 2pm
Little Walnut Creek Branch Library
835 West Rundberg Lane
Austin, TX 78756

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NEA launches Exploring Our Town!

September 23, 2014

Screenshot 2014-09-23 11.17.53

The NEA has officially launched Exploring Our Town! We excited to share this work over the past two years with practitioners, policy-makers, and the public!

As described in the press release, “Exploring Our Town responds to requests from the arts community for ready access to an easy-to-search resource on best practices in community development and creative placemaking. The resource is divided into two sections, Project Showcase and Project Insights. Project Showcase features case studies of more than 60 Our Town projects organized by project setting,  project type, and by state. The Project Insights section, divided by Project Process, Project Setting, and Project Type, includes lessons learned, relevant case studies, and additional resources.”

“The NEA applauds the work of the project team which includes direction under GO collaborative, design by Hyperakt, website development by Entermedia, writing by John Gendall, and project research by GO collaborative and Alex Appelbaum.”


Art on the Atlanta Beltline Project Complete

September 10, 2014

2014-08-31 16.45.07
The Art on the Atlanta Beltline project, Beltline Stories, is complete!  GOco was selected to create a temporary public art piece to be included in the 2014 Art on the Atlanta Beltline exhibition.  The piece was installed the first week of September.  It will be on display until November 15, 2014.

The work is titled “Beltline Stories”.  The piece is an interactive installation that directly engages visitors and local residents.  It celebrates people’s personal stories and highlights how their paths intersect in a particular place over time.  GOco provided visitors and local residents with an opportunity to share and mark their stories directly on a series of panels that display a diagramed timeline of the trail.

Within 10 days, personal stories covered the front of the panels and spilled onto the backs!



GO collaborative Receives ArtPlace America Grant!

June 26, 2014


We are thrilled to announce that GO collaborative has been selected to lead the Drawing Lines project with the very generous support of $256,500 from ArtPlace America.

Drawing Lines is a community-based art project that will dive directly into the question of what our city will be like as we move to create our new 10-1 district council system of governance and looks directly at the question of how art can play a role in our larger efforts to plan our city.

Best of all, the project will be structured as a public-private partnership between the City of Austin and the Drawing Lines team – which is made up of GO collaborative, Public City, Fisterra Studio, and the Austin Creative Alliance.

We couldn’t be more excited to be part of such an incredible project with such an amazing team. We’ll keep posting as we discover all the ways that art and the city can come together!


NEA releases “Our Town” Storybook sneak previews

June 20, 2014

Screenshot 2014-09-22 20.38.53

After 18 months of research, writing, and design, we are excited to see sneak previews of the Exploring Our Town project popping up online!

NEA Director of Design Programs and Visual Arts Division Team Leader Jason Schupbach and NEA staff are working with their media partners to showcase projects from the Our Town grant program that will be included on the Exploring Our Town website. Arts Forward and Springboard are two partners that have already released information.

Expect to see the official Exploring Our Town project launch in September!