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Creating opportunities to transform and inspire, GO collaborative provides creative placemaking project administration, public art design and planning, and arts-based project evaluation services. As designers and planners, we are passionate about the arts and the multiple ways they can contribute to our communities. We work hard to bring together the diverse perspectives needed to create successful and transformative projects.

Drawing Lines

Client / Public Partner: City of Austin Economic Development Department
Project Team: GO collaborative, Public City, and Fisterra Studio
Project Date: June 2014 to April 2016

Visit the Drawing Lines Project website

Funded by ArtPlace America, and organized in parallel with the City of Austin’s Cultural Asset Mapping Project, the Drawing Lines project was an artist-driven, community-based creative placemaking project, commissioned in response to Austin’s historic political transformation. The project explored how art itself, as a process, could be part of the conversation about Austin’s new geographic districts. Exploring these citizen-driven yet prescribed boundaries of place, Drawing Lines embedded artists in each of the ten newly drawn districts to co-create a place-specific public project with the residents of the new districts. Ultimately, the ten district projects came together in one citywide exhibition in a pop-up gallery space on Congress Avenue, that reflected on the new 10-1 political structure, and the dynamic cultural life of each of the districts, and thus the city itself.

The Drawing Lines project ultimate asked the basic question, “What role can the arts take the in the context of historical political change.” This question arose out of the fact that the City of Austin had recently chosen, by voter referendum, to change from at at-large system of local government, to a district-specific system of government. Thus Austin did not embark upon a process of re-districting, they in fact chose to create representative geographically based districts themselves. Growing out of a long history of a lack of minority voice, the districting process was the result of decades of work to bring a system of equal representation to our growing majority-minority city.

The project is a private-public partnership between GO collaborative and the City of Austin Economic Development Department with the generous support from ArtPlace America. Drawing Lines is a sponsored project of Austin Creative Alliance. GO collaborative served  as the project lead and administrator to shape the project vision and its implementation within the 10 districts.

Services Provided: Community Engagement; Public Art Planning + Administration; Project Management; Evaluation.


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NEA Exploring Our Town: Creative Placemaking Electronic Storybook

Across the USA

Client: National Endowment for the Arts
Collaborators: Hyperakt, Graphic / Web Design and Branding; John Gendall, Writer; Entermedia, Technology Integration.
Project Dates: Spring 2013 – Fall 2014

Visit the Exploring Our Town website

Project Description:
Creative Placemaking has been a growing field for the last twenty years and a programmatic focus for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) since 2009. Having identified the need for an accessible and comprehensive resource for creative placemaking practitioners, policymakers, and the public-at-large, the NEA sought to develop a practical guide and source of case study information in an online format. In Spring 2013, GO collaborative, as the prime firm, project manager, and lead researcher, along with its consultant team was selected to develop the Creative Placemaking Storybook.

The Exploring Our Town launched in August 2014, following a 18-month research and design process. This interactive, online resource serves a wide range of constituencies at many steps along the creative placemaking path and presents information for communities planning or implementing their own projects by providing succinct case studies, topic overviews, and applicable lessons learned from both individual projects and from overall project efforts. The resource features 70+ completed or on-going projects from across the country that received funding through the NEA’s Mayors’ Institute on City Design 25th Anniversary Initiative (MICD25) and the annual Our Town grant program.

Services Provided:
Project Management; Research Design; Survey Creation; Focus Group Design and Facilitation; Writing; and Data Management.

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GRMN Creates: an arts and culture master plan

Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Client: Grand Rapids Arts & Culture Commission
Collaborators: Metris Arts Consulting
Project Dates: Summer 2014 – Spring 2015

See the final Arts and Culture Plan.

The City of Grand Rapids, MN can proudly say it is the home of a rich and vibrant arts community. In an effort to ensure its continued growth and success, the City’s newly formed Arts and Culture Commission embarked upon a ten-year strategic planning effort called GRMN Creates: an arts and culture road map. Working with GO collaborative and Metris Arts Consulting to identify local needs and opportunities, the consultant team worked with the commission to match those ideas with best practices from across the country on how cities of a similar size have used the arts to help grow their economies, enhance their physical environments, and support community development efforts. GO collaborative designed and implemented a citywide public engagement strategy that included town hall meetings, a detailed online survey, focus groups, stakeholder interviews, and social/print media outreach.

Services Provided: Policy Analysis, Policy Strategy Recommendations, Survey Creation, Community Engagement, Social/Print Media Coordination, Report Writing.

Grand Rapids homepage

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Tuscany LRT Station – Public Art Project

Client: City of Calgary, Public Arts Program 
Collaborators: Legge Lewis Legge
Project Dates: Summer 2015 – present

The Tuscany LRT Station community cultural development public art project examines the intersection of public art and community engagement.  Centered on the multi-modal Tuscany LRT Station, the area is defined by three distinct and diverse neighborhoods along with a rich natural setting.  The team is taking a process-driven and collaborative approach to creating Canada’s largest Community Cultural Development project whose is to closely involve residents in the creation of the artwork and foster a sense of legacy and ownership.  The project focuses on the creation of a mobile art unit called the Gennie.   The Gennie will be securely docked at the transit station in between choreographed excursions with local residents and transit riders.  Each excursion will be structured through a collaboration between a local public artist and a resource person who can help to explain the surrounding ecology, geology, and cultural history of the area.

Services Provided: Arts-based Community Engagement Planning and Facilitation, Project Management


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20ft Wide – Alley Activation

Austin, TX

Client: City of Austin Downtown Commission
Collaborators: Public City, Fyoog, TBG Partners, Ann Graham, and many, many others
Project Dates: Summer 2013

See the final Downtown Alley Report.

Today, Austin’s downtown area suffers from a critical lack of developed vibrant public spaces.  As a city known for its festivals, live music, and dynamic civic life, Austin has few permanent physical resources to support this identity within downtown. Traditionally seen as utilitarian corridors, Austin’s downtown alleys have long been overlooked for their potential to help fill Austin’s need for activate public spaces in the downtown core. Additionally, there is ever-mounting pressure to create super-block developments.  In the past 15 years, the City Council has vacated and sold off its easement rights for at least 10 downtown alleys to developers.

In Fall 2012, the City of Austin Downtown Commission created a workgroup to examine opportunities for activating Austin’s downtown alleys, in order to contribute to a more vibrant network of people-oriented public spaces in Downtown Austin. The workgroup, which grew over the course of the project, consisted of representatives from the Downtown Commission, the City of Austin, a range of downtown and citywide institutions, individual artists and community activists. The final report, co-written by Lynn Osgood of GO collaborative,  summarizes the workgroup’s findings and policy recommendations, and outlines strategic steps the City of Austin can take to invest in the public spaces of Downtown Austin.

Services Provided: Policy Analysis, Policy Strategy Recommendations, Report Writing


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Creative Placemaking Workshop

Cumberland, Maryland

Client: Allegany Arts Council
Facilitation Team: Lynn Osgood and Anne Gadwa Nicodemus, Metris Arts Consulting
Project Date: September 2014

Project Description: On September 12th, 2014 GO collaborative teamed with Metris Arts Consulting to deliver a one-day creative placemaking summit for the Allegany Arts Council in Cumberland, Maryland.  Combining a morning keynote presentation by Anne Gadwa Nicodemus and an afternoon workshop led by Lynn Osgood, they day-long conference helped the Council brainstorm potential creative placemaking project ideas with attendees.  “What we wanted to get out of this,” said Chris Sloan, Allegany Arts Council Executive Director, “were ideas we could agree on as a community regarding the roles the arts can play in reviving our local economy.”

Services Provided: Speaking, Workshop Design and Facilitation

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