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Tuscany LRT Station – Public Art Project

September 15, 2014

Client: City of Calgary, Public Arts Program 
Collaborators: Legge Lewis Legge
Project Dates: Summer 2015 – present

The Tuscany LRT Station community cultural development public art project examines the intersection of public art and community engagement.  Centered on the multi-modal Tuscany LRT Station, the area is defined by three distinct and diverse neighborhoods along with a rich natural setting.  The team is taking a process-driven and collaborative approach to creating Canada’s largest Community Cultural Development project whose is to closely involve residents in the creation of the artwork and foster a sense of legacy and ownership.  The project focuses on the creation of a mobile art unit called the Gennie.   The Gennie will be securely docked at the transit station in between choreographed excursions with local residents and transit riders.  Each excursion will be structured through a collaboration between a local public artist and a resource person who can help to explain the surrounding ecology, geology, and cultural history of the area.

Services Provided: Arts-based Community Engagement Planning and Facilitation, Project Management